translated from Spanish: 20 years in prison for the woman who with a machete forced her «ex» to have sex

Usa. This is a 20-year-old girl named Samantha Ray Mears, the 20-year-old who was arrested a year ago in Montana for forcing her ex-boyfriend to have sex with her, the judge gave her a 20-year sentence in a psychiatric institute under custody of the state.
In June 2018, Samantha Mears took advantage of her ex-boyfriend’s absence to enter her Great Falls home and hide in her room. When the man returned to his home, the young woman surprised him in his room with a machete in his hand.
The assailant threatened her victim with a machete against her throat. He told her to take off her clothes and lie in bed, then force her to have sex with her.
After the rape act, the couple had a strong argument, Mears hit the wall with the machete and then peed on the bed. When the victim’s sister arrived at the home, the man was able to take the opportunity to flee his home with his sister and call the police.
Samantha Mears was sentenced to a 20-year sentence in the custody of the Montana Department of Health and Human Services. When she is classified as a sex offender, she is required to receive therapy and medications for mental health disorders.

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