translated from Spanish: Sherlyn warns the person who leaked his audios

Sherlyn disclosed that she will not stand by after a WhatsApp conversation was leaked with a person she trusted, where she recounts the reasons for her breakup with journalist Francisco Zea and then Rio Roma member , José Luis Ortega.La actress stated before the cameras of the Today Program that her legal office has already taken letters on the matter. «Of course I know who it was and well, the legal part will do its thing, but I don’t sever myself on that either, that’s what the team of people who work with me is for and I do what I’m most passionate about.»

Faced with his time, Sherlyn pointed out that she will not change her way of being or communicating on different digital platforms. «I don’t have to, in the end it’s not in you to stop communicating in the way you communicate, it’s in the other person not to be treacherous, not to be a salesman and to value friendships more than 3 thousand pesos that they can pay you.»
In these audios he mentions that they were sex toys and a package of condoms the reasons why he ended his relationship with the singer José Luis Ortega, revealing an infidelity on the part of the group’s vocalist Rio Roma.As far as his break-up with the Image Television journalist Francisco Zea, said he ended up with him «for sexting» and mistrust, as he found «pornographic photographs» on his cell phone.

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