translated from Spanish: A six-year-old boy survived two road accidents on the same day

A Russian boy survived two serious road accidents in one day, one while traveling with his parents in the family vehicle and another when he was taken to hospital in an ambulance.
«The little one is six years old. His condition is now satisfactory, he is in a hospital room,» health sources, cited by the Viatka oblastnaya portal, said, to stress that the child did not have to go through intensive care.
The medium states that the accidents in which the child was involved took place on Saturday in one of the towns of the Kirov region, in the European part of Russia.
The first accident was due to the crash of the vehicle in which the child was in, with a truck and ended the life of the little boy’s parents, according to the agency RIA Nóvosti.
The second accident occurred two hours later, when the ambulance carrying the child to a medical center collided with a vehicle that denied him a road trip.
As a result of the incident, the ambulance overturned, apparently, serious injuries to those inside.
Eventually, the child was taken to hospital, where he entered with minor bruises, he specified
Source: @EFE

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