translated from Spanish: Metro to add four stations for passenger transfer tomorrow

Tomorrow Santiago Metro will advance the start of the operation in half an hour, so the stations will open at 06:30 AM, while the closing time will be kept at 20:00 hours. The enabled lines will continue to operate in a partial way, joining the stations Plaza de Armas (which will allow the combination between Lines 3 and 5), Rodrigo de Araya (Line 5) and Conchalí and Hospitales (Line 3). In this way, the network will have 81 stations in operation. In the Plaza de Armas station only the accesses east of Line 5, corresponding to the streets 21 slam of May and State. The west accesses, of Ahumada and Puente, will be closed. The only access by Cathedral (L3) will also be disabled. The stations enabled from tomorrow Monday will be the following:-Line 1 between Pajaritos and Los Dominicos (Neptuno and San Pablo are not available), with the Baquedano and Santa Lucia stations closed and without train stop; while Los Héroes will be available only to make a combination between Lines 1 and 2.-Line 2 between La Cisterna and Sappers with service in El Parrón, Lo Ovalle, Lo Vial, El Llano, Franklin, Rondizzoni, Parque O’Higgins, Toesca, Santa Ana, Cal and Canto, Cerro Blanco, Cemeteries, Einstein and Dorsal.-Line 3 with service in Los Libertadores, Vivaceta, Conchalí, Plaza Chacabuco, Hospitals, Cal and Canto, Plaza de Armas, Universidad de Chile, Matta, Irarrázaval, Monsignor Eyzaguirre, Uñoa, Chile Spain, Villa Frei, Plaza Egaña and Fernando Castillo Velasco.-Line 4 between Tobalaba and Quilín, with arrest at Christopher Columbus, Francisco Bilbao, Prince of Wales, Simón Bolívar, Plaza Egaña, Los Orientales, Greece and Los Presidentes.-Line 5 between Quinta Normal and Vicente Valdés, with arrests in Santa Ana, Plaza de Armas, Bellas Artes, Santa Isabel, Irarrázaval, Rodrigo de Araya, Carlos Valdovinos, Camino Agrícola, Mirador y Bellavista La Florida.-Y Line 6 with the stations Cerrillos, Lo Valledor, Franklin, Uñoa, Inés de Suárez and Los Leones.Las combinations that will be available are:-University of Chile, between Line 1 and Line 3.-The Lions, between Line 1 and Line 6.-Tobalaba, between Line 1 and Line 4.-Cal and Canto, between Line 2 and Line 3.-Santa Ana, between Line 2 and Line 5.-Franklin , between Line 2 and Line 6.-Uñoa, between Line 3 and Line 6.-Irarrázaval, between Line 3 and Line 5.-Plaza Egaña, between Line 4 and Line 3.-Plaza de Armas, between Line 5 and Line 3.

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