translated from Spanish: This Monday, the municipal schools of the Metropolitan Region minus the IN and INBA return to school

The mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Felipe Guevara, reported on Sunday that tomorrow, November 4, municipal schools in all the communes of the capital will return to classes. In addition, the authority referred to the decision of the Municipality of Santiago to start the process of closing the school year at the National Institute and the Barros Arana National Internship (INBA). Guevara stated that this measure was adopted by Mayor Felipe Alessandri, holder of both establishments, with the authorization of the Seremi de Educación RM, which is respected by the Government.On the other hand, the mayor recalled that the Metro network will begin to operate at 06:30 hours, adding to its operations the stations Conchalí and Hospitales (L3), Rodrigo de Araya (L5) and Plaza de Armas (L3 and L5). Carabineros staff will check the corners of the capital where traffic lights are vandalized, in order to facilitate vehicular traffic in the morning and afternoon rush hour. As for the return of motorists to the Metropolitan Region for the long weekend, Guevara stated that this has happened normally during this day. Finally, he expressed his concern about the high temperatures that will be recorded in the coming days in Santiago, recalling that on Sunday there have been two wildfires in the communes of Talagante and Lampa. The latter accident has consumed more than 50 hectares of grasslands.

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