translated from Spanish: U17 advanced with calculator in hand and will face Brazil in eighth round

The Chilean U17 team will finally face host Brazil in the world Cup quarter-finals of the category, after Argentina’s 3-1 win over Tajikistan was known today. South Korea 1-2 at the close of Group C, an area where he ended up after France and the South Koreans, so he was awaiting other results to enter as one of the best third. Hours after the ‘Red’ turn-off to the Asians, the Netherlands beat the United States 4-0 and that score allowed Chile to advance to the final phase of the World Cup, leaving Nigeria and Brazil as the possible rivals in the round of 16.Finally, Brazil will be the opponent nationals. The ‘verdeamarelha’, which his group won on the planetary event, did not measure the national squadron in the South American at the beginning of the year to be in another group and also did not access the final hexagonal. Chile and the ‘Scratch’ will face each other on November 6 at the Bezerr’o de Gama Stadium (20:00 hours). In case of phase advancement, the next key would be against the winner of Ecuador or the second of group F, who could leave between Italy, Paraguay or Mexico.The local Brazil looks as a big favorite to the title by clearly winning their three matches in the group stage : 4-1 to Canada, 3-0 to Australia and 2-0 to Angola.

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