translated from Spanish: DC presents minutes with proposals to end the social crisis: parliamentary diet and new Constitution are the axes

As a gesture to solve the current crisis in the country, the Christian Democracy began to propose different measures. The last one: a reduction in the parliamentary diet.
Under the title «Proposals for a new economic, social and political pact», the party presented a 30% reduction to the parliamentary diet and to the salaries of ministers and heads of service.
They also propose the creation of a public register to verify the recruitment of relatives in the State.
A new Constitution and replenishing the compulsory vote are part of the political measures they propose.
In economic measures, they seek to support SMEs with tax exemptions during their first five years and an «immediate credit of 6 months of grace without interest».
As for tax reform, they are looking for a «tax on economic concentration and mega-enterprises», a luxury levy and a capital gain levy and a VAT rebate.
On the planned reform, they propose the creation of a guaranteed minimum pension for people until the highest income decile.
In the field of medicines, they want to set prices for medicines, allowing the free import of those with European certifications. And in education, they propose to forgive the EAC’s debt.

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