translated from Spanish: Mothers learn CPR technique in New Ejido Morelos elementary school

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- With great enthusiasm, about 30 mothers of the Vespertina General Lazarus Cardenas Elementary School, located in the New Ejido Morelos, participated in a workshop course on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The application of this practice is the third stage, having been applied in fourth, fifth and sixth grade children and among the teaching and administrative staff of the same educational staff.

«In our school you have the mission that goes far beyond teaching letters and numbers. We seek a comprehensive education among children, we really sometimes do great actions that do not impact homes and this is one of the best pretexts for us to impact on the homes of our students, including parents» , explained the director, Holincer Castro Marañón.He emphasized that for the delivery of these courses various arrangements were made before López Gálvez Asociados and the Municipal Health Directorate of Ahome, who for free agreed to prepare at various stages the entire student community.» Training consists of giving first aid to a life-saving person with CPR in as little as 2 minutes by using only their hands, so that people who are not in range of immediate care, urgent care , they can act quickly and not only with CPR, but to learn to take calm, to make a correct call so that they can receive care from the right people, who are those who have competence in health and emergency.» Social impact
Castro Marañón emphasized that this campus is home to a total of 347 students, from 14 colonies in southern Los Mochis, who are prepared to act in the face of any health emergency that arises here, while receiving professional care. «It is really reassuring as principals to have teachers who have this type of training, who will surely move to other schools in the coming years and will be able to impact in other schools, but it is not enough, you must train the whole community and we are also doing so with children and their parents.» 

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