translated from Spanish: «Pro SME and with investment incentives»: Minister of Finance unveiled changes to the tax reform project

The Minister of Finance, Ignacio Briones, made the changes to tax reform generally known.
Without further details, the Minister explained that the changes point to more progressive, «pro-SME» revenue, with strong investment incentives and an older support framework.
«We have received the response to our proposals from the senators. We have had a good, constructive meeting, where they have pointed us out to agree with the substantive elements of what we have proposed, and which make us hopeful and confident that we can formalize an understanding in the coming hours,» he said secretary of state.
Regarding the estate tax, he argued that «there are several initiatives in that line that are in our proposal. We have to draft these principles on which we agree. This is a draft understanding, it is not a framework of definitive understanding, but I want to stress that this draft understanding makes us hope that we can close a framework of formal understanding in the coming hours, and I want it to this seems to us to be tremendously relevant.»

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