translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Two students from Lyceum 7 were injured with pellets

According to DNA radio information, two minors were transferred to a care facility resulting from pellet injuries. The young women were injured, after carabineros tried to end with a demonstration that students made inside the Liceo Teresa Prats de Sarratea, L7 de Santiago.According to the radial information the policemen fired rubber pellets into the inside the precinct, injuring the students. The Cones’ spokeswoman, Valentina Miranda, said Carabineros entered the place. «My roommates took a vote, he came out, so they decided to take high school. When this happens the director called Carabineros to get escorted,» she said. He enters carabinieri, throws pellets at point-blank range. (…) they shot for shooting. The only culprit is Mayor Felipe Alessandri,» he added, criticizing the director’s actions, stressing that there were little girls in the place. Daphne Concha, the proxy’s steward, joined the criticism, insisting that the police «should not «go in and shoot inside the lyceum.» Also, through a video shared on social networks, students are seen running in the courtyard of the establishment.

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