translated from Spanish: 94% of IMSS pensioners will not have ISR withholding

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported that 3.5 million pensioners will not have withholding tax on income tax (ISR) on the aguinaldo.
Those who benefit from a new criterion for the issuance of Digital Tax Proofs online will be those who receive a monthly pension of less than 20 thousand pesos.
In November 2019, the institute reported in a statement, they did not observe any withholding of ISR, which represents a higher disposable income. 
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The IMSS noted that in addition, the 148 thousand people who receive a monthly pension of more than 20 thousand pesos, which together with aguinaldo exceed 38 thousand pesos and who had an ISR withholding, will be charged the corresponding refund of this tax.
This is true, as the annual income is less than the exempt of 460 thousand pesos on the payroll in December 2019 according to the annual calculation of the ISR, with the exception of those cases that are required to file an annual return with the SAT.
However, the IMSS reiterated that the 74,000 people who receive a monthly pension of more than 38 thousand pesos and who exceed the annual exemption of 460 thousand pesos were subject to ISR withholding in November 2019, so they are required to file their annual return before SAT, in order to request the return of the corresponding ISR.
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