translated from Spanish: Constitution Commission approves indication for Central Bank to establish parliamentary allowance and salaries of senior state officials

With the approval of an indication that requests the Central Bank to establish in 30 days the amount of the parliamentary allowance and the remuneration of the senior state officials, progress is being made in the Constitution of the Chamber of Deputies.
The President of this instance, Matías Walker (DC) explained that the unanimously adopted indication “entrusts the Central Bank, within 30 days, with the diet of parliamentarians, Ministers, president of the Republic, salaries of the executives of State enterprises and all State bodies; including judges, prosecutors, members of the Constitutional Court, senior members of the judiciary, the Armed Forces, Carabineros.”
With regard to deadlines, the chairman of the Constitution Committee pointed out that a number of things should happen simultaneously. “We ask the Central Bank to make the proposal in 30 days, after which there is a deadline that we impose on the members of the National Congress to process that project that does not exceed 30 days. Before the President of the Republic has to present to the Congress, within this period of 60 days, a draft Constitutional Organic Law, which is only of initiative of the President of the Republic, because only he has initiative in expenditure. All this can’t exceed 60 days,” Matías Walker said.
With regard to the virtues of this diet-fixing formula, Mr Walker noted that “We members are not going to have a direct or indirect impact on the fixing of our diet, our remuneration, and also on our allowances. Because people are going to reject any number we give.”
Mr Walker stated that it should also be legislated to incorporate this power into the Organic Law of the Central Bank. Regarding how this project has progressed, he explained that “we first approved the idea of legislating, then we repealed Article 62 which was the one that prevented us from continuing with the discussion, because it was the one that linked the diet of parliamentarians to the salaries of ministers , and we now approve of this indication which instructs the Central Bank to set the diet of parliamentarians and all bodies of the State.”

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