translated from Spanish: GPPRD discomplian with resolution on Madriz Estrada

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- After the Deputy Chair of the Judicial Commission, of the Congress of Michoacán, Adriana Hernández Inigoz, will report that Antonio Madriz Estrada will not be removed from the presidency of the Board of Directors, the Coordinator of the Group Parliament of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (GPPRD), Araceli Saucedo Reyes expressed his dissatisfaction with the opinion.
The perredist legislator mentioned that the opinion acknowledges that the President proceeded incorrectly, in issuing a partisan stance, leaving aside the institutional issue as a representative of the Michoacan Parliament.
The Commission’s argument refers that the Member did incur the law, but that in order not to polarize the environment within Congress, Madriz Estrada will not be removed from office.
“The law is very clear: you can’t corrupt the law little and nothing else, or the violent or not, and it’s very clear that you raped it,” she said in an interview with the media.
For this reason, Saucedo Reyes stated that the GPPRD will vote tomorrow against the opinion, since it said “it is wrongfounded”.
On Adriana Hernandez’s justification for comparison with a similar case earlier, where the president of that time was removed from the post because he had been reagreed four times, the perpetrator maintained her position of rejection.

“We act immediately through a written complaint, the law does not provide that we are obliged to interrupt the speech.”

Finally, Araceli Saucedo clarified that all the elements are in place to act against the opinion, however the Parliamentary Group which it represents will be assessing whether it will reach other instances until tomorrow’s resolution is first read.

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