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Morelia, Michoacán.- Raúl Morón Orozco, municipal president of Morelia, gave the flag to the second walk “Move from the beginning”, which is a physical activation promoted together between state, educational and municipal authorities, so reported in a statement.
The mayor, Raúl Morón in the company of the director of Cecufid, Jorge Díaz Acevedo, as well as the director of IMDE, Francisco Torres Zambrano endorsed his commitment to massify the sport in the municipality and expressed his welcome that this type of Activities.
He stated that actions like this help to ensure the well-being of children and parents, and he advocated bringing this type of activity to schools and colonies throughout the municipality.
He determined that 49 schools and 7,528 people were part of healthy growth in this walk that involved 49 schools and 7,528 people and is complemented by a good diet to promote the well-being of families.
The municipal president Raúl Morón made the flag of departure of this physical activation that took place this morning on Avenida Madero.

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