translated from Spanish: Achievements, milestones and Premier 12

Feat. “Desangelado”, “snubbed”, “devoid of attractiveness” and everything that is meant of it, but handmade, the Premier 12 can already be remembered in the future as an international baseball tournament, in which the Mexican national team forged the feat of beating the Premier 12 as an international baseball tournament, in which the Mexican national team forged the feat of beating the teams from the Dominican Republic and the United States.Quoting the classic, “haiga was like haiga been”, a pair of memorable triumphs that should be cited as benchmarks and that in any case, should have been forced holders in the national sports media, which were not.” No figures came to Guadalajara”, “Dominican and USA brought chafitas teams”, “the one from Mexico is a selection of almost Mexican-American cigars”, whatever used those to whom the mezquindad dictates not recognize what for practical purposes should be recognized as quite a feat. Too bad the media doesn’t want to project the real level of this pair of wins and that they assume as the really “news” disqualifications to the Premier 12 tournament.But what’s done is done. Mexico will attend the super round to be held in Japan and look to get a ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The rest is a sluthe that hides absurd resages (“no selfies, no gain”). Celebration. The Mexican Pacific League convened the gala dinner yesterday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Mexican winter baseball, an occasion that brought together figures from the antier, yesterday and today. Jolgorio on all the top more than deserved for a socio-sport tradition that was born in a house of Guaymas, Sonora, and that seven decades later became what is today the most solid and established professional circuit at the national level. Last night they gathered the most grain of a baseball that has managed to grow (organically, they would say), that stays strong and whose partners stay together because time has taught them that the important thing is to reach the goal together and at the same time. It is appreciated that unlike other events of this kind, there was little room for the devaneo of the sometimes ramplón and stale sector of the baseball press, which was seriously attended to the formality of the event and you could appreciate intentions and ends of it without the need for choking selfies and spiritual sessions of the mutual praise club. The best, perhaps, the tweet of Gabriel Medina, interim president of the LMB, thanking the invitation, congratulating the reason for the festivities and leaving behind the discords arising in the recently concluded “salinato”. May they be happy 75 years LMP and counting. Finish. The bull’s water runs out, fifteen games are left to the first lap of the regular Role of the LMP and you can already make some slings. The trend of having four teams in the upper part of the standing (Tomateros, Naranjeros, Cañeros and Charros) is maintained, with Yaquis glued to their heels while the other five contenders will have to start the fight to “not leave”. Sultans, Deer, Eagles, Cottonmen and Deer arrived when it came to ignite the turbo if they do not want to dance with the demon in winter. Winter tiricia is a song. Meanwhile, machinery is moving: Oscar Robles arriving in place of Rigo Beltran in Guasave; Mexicali leaving out Chris Roberson (there was no “click” with Luis Alfonso García) and others will be added to the traditional pre-Christmas dance. Nominees. Those who will be the candidates for the best of the 2019 major leagues were announced, and in the case of the Most Valuable Player, the record looks like it was to put scissors in without thinking and leave names to satisfy the collective imagination.

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