translated from Spanish: Sernac officiated the CDF to compensate its subscribers

Yesterday Wednesday the ANFP after a series of meetings with various actors announced that the National First Division Championship should be resumed on the weekend of November 16 and 17.
This is due to the social mobilizations that have been in the country since October 18, and that have forced the suspension of Chilean football since that date.
The latter fact maintains that subscribers to the Football Channel (CDF) are not satisfied, those who have resorted to the National Consumer Service (Sernac) for the non-transmission of matches.
As reported by El Mercurio, the Sernac has received about one of dozens of complaints about the matter, since in the Premium service of the television station is stipulated the transmission of sports duels.
Therefore, the auditbody officiated the CDF to somehow compensate the thousands of subscribers it has throughout the country.
From the Sernac they told the morning that «in the event that companies do not provide the services as contracted, consumers have the right to return or reimburse them proportionately to the time of suspension».
In the same vein, they added that «we are officiating companies in different markets that have suspended services as a result of the emergency, to report how they will make such returns and how consumers have been informed. That management includes the CDF.»

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