translated from Spanish: A sad tranquillity to watch over Ulysses’ body: mother

Ulysses Guadalupe is already back at home and in his beloved Altata. In a sealed grey coffin lies the body of this 21-year-old agronomy student, who is being veiled on the porch of the family home where he shared many experiences and happy moments with his family and friends who will remain forever in the Sane. Flower her mother despite the immense pain she feels she says she is calmer to have found her although her desire was that she will return alive.

From so much tears her tears already dried up. The tiredness of so much day of searching is reflected in the faces of friends and family who do not want to leave Ulysses Guadalupe alone in the last moments that will pass with them even if they cannot hug him and have to settle for seeing him in the photos. 

Moment when they carry one more crown to Ulysses’ wake. Photo: Ricardo Nevárez / The Debate

This morning the bouquets of flowers continue to arrive in memory of the memory of this young man who was and will continue to be much loved by many people of this port. Knowing that so many people loved their son and that they were supporting her in the search was what didn’t drop her said Flor.

Relatives and friends during the Ulysses wake. Photo: Ricardo Nevárez / The Debate

The case remains a mystery and many doubts to a still in the air. At the moment it is not known who or why he deprived and took the life of this young man who had many illusions of finishing his career and working hard to have a better life.

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