translated from Spanish: The CNDH is not an award, I will be impartial, says Rosario Piedra

The National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) is there to address the complaints of the victims, not to look good with any power, said the newly elected owner of that body, Rosario Piedra Ibarra, who guaranteed autonomy and indepenity in its action and said he will not betray the victims.
In an interview with Notimex, he also rejected his appointment in the Senate of the Republic – with the vote of the Morena bench and by qualified majority – to be an award or a manner appointment.
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“Beautiful prize, imagine the work so exhausting that awaits me. No, I don’t think it’s an award, in any case the senators who voted freely recognize this trajectory and in that they can’t put me buts, they know it, because I’m not saying false things.
That is, “we have faced the repression of the most brutal Mexican state regime, which is enforced disappearance, torture, intimidation. This is all very serious, but obviously in the CNDH you are not only for that, but to serve everyone, all the layers of the population who have been actors who have been actors who day have been violated their human rights.”
He says, the daughter of the activist Rosario Ibarra de Piedra, says: “obviously I am not like her, but I do not want to betray her memory. Obviously, I have my own identity, but that identity is what I’ve learned from her.
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“She has been an example, not only to me, but I believe for many citizens of this country, but with greater reason for their children. And, well, that’s at stake; I would betray my conscience, betray my own mother and I can’t do that.”
On his appointment, he acknowledged that this is a titanic task, “a very big commitment to the people of Mexico, but that he is willing to assume it “and do everything that is on my side to make this commission really work and cease to be that bureaucratic and annulment for all those of us who have been violated in our human rights.”
With regard to voices that question her bruising militancy and even accuse her of being a “mode” candidate, she made it clear that “that will never be because first it is in my conscience, the principles and, above all, the claims of the victims of wherever they come because they are not sought favor one and exclude others.”
In that context, he stressed that he will act impartially and “I think I can do it because I have been part of those injustices, my family, many families who have accompanied us and I do not want to fall into this simulation, on such negative issues”.
On the demand for autonomy and independence that many political actors demand for whoever is at the helm of the CNDH, he commented: “Well, I think I have it. What happens is that there are people who cannot (be independent and autonomous), because they are always due to a party.”
And, “even if they don’t say so, they are sketched militants who serve not only parties or government, but economic powers, or forces that continue to try to prevent this country from changing and to follow things as they have always been.”
Piedra Ibarra assured that he will always speak to the truth and that he will face the powers, as long as they incur some violation, as it is not a question of “hitting for hitting”.
“I prefer to always speak to the truth. I was a candidate of Morena, I voted for (Andrés Manuel) López Obrador, yes, but obviously now this task (at the head of the CNDH) forces me and not because I deny where I was, but because it will not give me time for a partisan life”.
So will he also confront power, all powers, from the CNDH?, he is questioned, which states: “Well, if they were to commit a violation, obviously yes, to strike for beating either, because that shouldn’t be either; would be wrong. A human rights commission is there to deal with the victims’ claims, not to look good with any power.”
Rosario Piedra, who will protest for the period from November 16, 2019 to November 15, 2024, said she will put herself in the shoes of the victims and said that she will listen to all the citizens, the victims and that she will not work behind a desk , because a Commission, however excellent, needs the support of all citizens.
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“Well, you have to be in the office obviously to know the tasks, but that’s what needs to change. Not to be a bureaucratic CNDH that is only there looking at papers, but also to take a serious investigation, to accompany the victims, in short, it has to be more dynamic.”
He commented that among his first tasks at the head of the body that will occupy a woman for the second time since its creation almost three decades ago, is to review “who will accompany me (in this new entrustment) because I need people committed to this task that is not easy at all” .
So you need “committed people who apart have loyalty to the victims. Let it be the commitment to the victims. I think that’s what motivates me, that people have confidence and I don’t want to disappoint that trust.”
The new CNDH headline was said to be a candidate for many people who believe in their project. “I believe that I am the candidate of many people who have accompanied us throughout this history, of struggle in this country and of many citizens who really know our trajectory.”
In his opinion, “who criticizes (his designation) is because he does not know all this struggle that we have brought against the wind and tide despite threats, intimidation and that we have obtained very satisfactory fruits such as finding 148 disappeared alive”.
For the activist, it is essential that the Commission is based on society; “We have to rely on the people of Mexico, who also learn to defend their rights, let it be a participant, that it helps, because if that is not done, this is not the voice of a Commission, for as excellent as it is we need the support of all citizens.
On the support offered by the current head of the CNDH, Luis Raúl González Pérez, commented that “if he wants to join this project and be yes, be part of a dynamic issue, of an issue that really engages with the victims and that he faces any “.
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