translated from Spanish: Four lifeless bodies are located in Los Duraznos, Uruapan

Uruapan, Michoacán.- The lifeless bodies of four people were found this day inside an abandoned van, which was standing on the side of the Uruapan-Los Reyes highway, at the height of the community of Los Duraznos in this demarcation, transcended in the coverage of the news.
In this way it was learned that it was at dawn that the locals became aware of the presence of the drive unit and thus discovered the four bodies with traces of violence, so they gave notice to the authorities.
The engine is a black, x-Trail,type Nissan pickup truck with PFW-143-T traffic plates, which is presumed to have been abandoned during the early morning, right there at the entrance to Los Duraznos, official contacts said.
On the case, the State Attorney General’s Office reported in a press release on Saturday: «The Attorney General’s Office of Michoacán (FGE), initiated the Bureau of Investigation in relation to the discovery of four lifeless bodies on the Uruapan-Angahuan highway, the height of the town of Los Duraznos.
«Therefore, staff of the Expert Services and Crime Scene Unit, went to the indicated site, where a Nissan Xtrail-type van was abandoned, so once it was inspected, the lifeless bodies of the four males, so far unidentified.

«Once the appropriate proceedings were carried out, the transfer of the bodies to the Forensic Medical Service was arranged for the practice of the necropsy of the law and to continue the acts of investigation.»

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