translated from Spanish: Alleged hitmen face off elements of state police and GN, in Uruapan

Uruapan, Michoacán.- An alleged hitman died and two more were arrested by assaulting the elements of the Michoacán Police and the National Guard on Saturday, which happened on Saturday in the town of Cheranguerán, belonging to this municipality of Uruapan, according to the data obtained in the journalistic work.
The shooting lasted several minutes and as a result of it one of the alleged gatilleros perished, while two more were apprehended. The financier and the pair of indiciados were not revealed their generals. The perimeter was cordoned off by the uniformed in attachment to the chain of custody.
On the subject, the Secretariat of Public Security released this day on its official Twitter account (@MICHOACANSSP):

“We maintain operational and coordinated actions with @GN_MEXICO_ on the Carapan-Uruapan highway, following assault on police personnel, which was repelling; two armed civilians were arrested and one more despondent. Vehicles, weapons and cartridges were secured.”

The area was attended by the staff of the Crime Scene Specialized Unit, under the Uruapan Regional Prosecutor’s Office, which was responsible for the collection of evidence and testimonies. The body was then transferred to the Forensic Medical Service facility for the competent studies.

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