translated from Spanish: Diario Clarín reveals Argentine intelligence sensing ties between extremist groups and violence in Chile

After one of the headquarters of the Argentine embassy in Santiago was attacked last Friday, in the midst of a new day of protests, Argentine Intelligence investigated and detected “organized extremist groups” that have spread in several countries, including Chile.
This was revealed by the Argentine newspaper Clarín, from where they noted that two groups were detected: one that was born in Mexico and subsequently installed in Chile called “Individualistas Tian a lo Salvaje” (ITS) and the second “22 of August” of Argentina, which is in charge of the creation of bombs.
Both have been grounded violentattacks in different locations and, according to sources in charge of the investigation, the two groups would have a connection to each other. In addition, they claim that ITI militants from Chile traveled in recent months several times to Buenos Aires.
It is worth mentioning that the groups identify as “terrorists”, tasking them with creating chaos, sending bomb letters and adjudicating murders and fires. This is why Argentina Intelligence secures the links between “22 de Agosto” and “ITS” of Chile.
As the trans-Andean environment points out, there is a similarity between the events that have occurred and ways of operating, since what recently happened with the Argentine ambassador, in Argentina: in the midst of demonstrations, hooded directed journalists to steal cameras and microphones.
The STI has been awarded several attacks, including when a bomb was sent to Santiago Metro director Louis de Crange, a package that never made it to its destination. Also in 2017, the same intention, but against Oscar Landerretche, president of Codelco.
The information comes right after President Sebastián Piñera, in an interview with the newspaper El País, said that these violent groups “are from different backgrounds. I think there’s something new today, other than what we had a month ago, but I need proof to be able to say it.”

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