translated from Spanish: Maribel Guardia poses with two of her nieces and opaque them

The acclaimed Costa Rican actress, Maribel Guardia, surprised her millions of followers on Instagram by sharing a photograph in which she poses with two of her nieces, Rosse Mary Garcia and Maribel Garcia, but unexpectedly this overshadowed them with her unmatched Beauty. The actress wanted to show off her beautiful nieces with a photograph published through the social network without expecting her to overshadow them with her beauty at her advanced age and Internet users quickly reacted to flatter the beauty of the three, highlighting that of Maribel.

Although Maribel Garcia had already been introduced, Maribel had forgotten to show off Rosse Mary, who is dedicated to being a professional communicator and wears a beauty very similar to that of her aunt, stressing that her gaze is what they look like the most.
Maribel fans thought they had seen it all when she introduced Maribel Garcia, who in addition to inheriting her name, inherited much of her beauty and physique, but the actress showed that there is still much of her family that we do not know and surely more nieces beautiful like these two. Maribel, on the other hand, continues to be one of the most beloved stars on social networks, where she stands out for her great beauty, her spectacular physique and great charisma.
It should be noted that the actress does not like scandals or controversies, because she has always stayed away from all these issues, the famous seeks to maintain the image that until now has been ported, being recognized for her great trajectory and not for fights like the q To break out with José Manuel Figueroa, son of his late ex Joan Sebastian.At the age of 60, Maribel wears an impressive body, which he keeps in excellent condition because of the hard work he does to exercise himself and the rigorous diets that he follows day after day In addition, its beauty is one of the most praised by the artistic medium and its charisma its unique seal.

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