translated from Spanish: UN mission visited Gustavo Gatica: young sterne vision completely after being hit by Balinese

Even the Santa Maria Clinic arrived during this Sunday, members of the UN mission who are in our country observing the demonstrations and violations of human rights. His visit had as main reason to know the case of Gustavo Gatica, a 21-year-old psychology student, who was wounded on Friday afternoon in his two eyes by Balinese shot by Carabinieri personnel. The case has caused a commotion and adds to the more than 150 people who have been injured by these munitions, and who have caused them to lose at least one of their eyeballs. Until now the student, who was assaulted while taking photographs of the march, remains under observation, having had surgery on this Saturday. According to medical staff of the Santa Maria Clinic through a statement Gustavo had an “impact of Balinese in both eyes, which caused severe bilateral eye trauma and zero vision from the first evaluation.” The patient was surgically intervened by a specialized team of ophthalmologists from the Institution, who checked the serious injury of both eyeballs, with vision loss in the left eye and awaiting the evolution of the right eye. He is now stable and out of life risk,” they said.

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