translated from Spanish: Government proposes taking resources away from 26 women’s programmes

Of the 83 gender-focused programmes, i.e. dedicated to narrowing the gap between men and women in the country, 26 will suffer cuts by next year, as proposed by the Federal Government in the draft budget sent to the Chamber of Deputies.
While the total budget for gender appears to increase from 64 billion pesos from 2019 to 100 billion pesos by 2020, the increase is due to the first time 12 programmes dedicated to the direct delivery of money, totaling 23 billion pesos to the game. 
These are programs such as Young People Building the Future, Sowing Life, Scholarships for different levels of education, and even the Warranty Pricing program, although they are not designed or targeted specifically for women.
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One more, Scholarships for students of higher middle education, although included in 2019 to this item with 1,728 million pesos, 7 thousand