translated from Spanish: INDH: sexual violence lawsuits soar from 19 to 52

The new report submitted by the institution includes figures that were collected from 17 October to 8 November at police stations, observations at demonstrations, and health centres, where cases were recorded in and nudity, touches, threats and four penetrations.
Sexual violence cases increased daily, so much so that of the 19 complaints filed by the National Institute of Human Rights for this reason, the number was shot to 52 complaints for sexual violence.
Based on the latest report, THE INDH has filed 249 complaints, with a total of 400 victims represented, including 67 children and adolescents, two LGTBIQ+ people and 95 women.
The director of the organization Sergio Micco, said that he was concerned about the situation of police procedures, since March 2019 had been banned from unauthorized detention in police stations, but these have continued to be carried out in the police precincts, he added, “every police procedure has to be with absolute attachment and respect and protection to human rights. Protocols are not being applied well.”

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