translated from Spanish: NGO ask Rosario Piedra not to take protest until he clears doubts

Groups made up of people who suffered disappearances of relatives asked Rosario Piedra not to take protests as the new holder of the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) until doubts about their election process are clarified, as the National Action Party accuses that it did not get the necessary votes in the Senate.
“Compañero Rosario, we have all suffered arbitrariness and we all want to fight it, but it cannot be fought more arbitrarily. Our tools are Truth and Justice,” the organizations said.
“We want you to ask that, as your mother did by winning the Belisario Dominguez medal in exchange for the Truth, that you pawn your appointment and that you DO NOT TAKE PROTEST until there is a transparent process without a shadow of a doubt,” they added.
“Only in this way will you have the backing of the people and particularly of us victims.”
The pronouncement was signed by organizations such as United Forces for Our Disappeared in Coahuila, Trackers of Guasave, Forces United by Our Disappeared in Jalisco, Families United by Love of Ours and Platform of Victims of the Forced Disappearance of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, among others.

@RosarioPiedraIb we respect you and recognize your walking. We want to ask that, as your mother did by pawning the Medal Belisario Dominguez in exchange for the Truth, that you enlist your appointment and that you DO NOT TAKE PROTEST until there is a transparent process without a shadow of doubt
— FUNDEM (@FUNDEM_Mx) November 11, 2019

On Monday, PAN senators warned that in no way will they allow Rosario Piedra Ibarra to protest as the holder of the CNDH because, in his view, the process in which he was elected is illegitimate and violates the Constitution.
At a press conference, the coordinator of the National Action Party (PAN) in the Senate, Mauricio Kuri González, and the legislator Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz reiterated that the process in which the daughter of the activist Rosario Ibarra was elected, in order to clarify the doubts generated around this matter, should be remedied.
Although Gálvez Ruiz declined to comment on the actions his fraction will take to prevent the taking of protest, he said it is just the surprise that will be seen.
“We are not going to allow you to take a protest on Tuesday because it is unheard of by those who complained about fraud, theft, corruption, and the same is being done in the Senate, it is delight,” he said, saying that “citizens have asked from social media that we be tough and do not allow such illegality.”
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