translated from Spanish: Rector of the U. of Chile ordered case of theater student who received six balinese hits

Concussion has caused a new case of aggression with Balinese by Carabineros, suffered this time by a first-year student of the University of Chile, Vicente Muñoz. The victim, who was on Monday at a demonstration in Plaza Italia, was hit six and has so far been at risk of losing one of his eyes. After learning of his state of health, the same rector of the house of studies, Ennio Vivaldi, went out in step of what happened and criticized the actions of the police and also the authorities.» One would like to think that it is not (intentional). But after all the cases of loss of eye, don’t take the measurements (…) I find it absolutely unbelievable,» he said. «I’m about to concede that there have been no intentional shooting to the face,» he said, but criticized that «they don’t stop immediately.» «We have set up a working group to coordinate and help what the implications of these measures are,» he added, accusing that «there is a contrast between the tremendous violence in which they attack young people who are demonstrating peacefully,» with whom they they produce rants and dismantents. In this regard, he insisted that there must be «a drastic change (…) how the deal with the protesters is handled. (…) Never again attacks with Balinese on the face, two meters from young. That has to stop,» he concluded.

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