translated from Spanish: Former prosecutor Gajardo asked Carabineros’ managing general to testify in Gustavo Gatica case

Former prosecutor Carlos Gajardo, one of the sponsors of the complaint filed by gustavo Gatica’s family, who received the impact of dancing in both eyes, confirmed that they will cite the director general of Carabineros, Mario Rozas, a decl Plowing. In a conversation with Cooperative Radio, Gajardo argued that «we were meeting with the family and prosecutor Ximena Chong and her team this morning, who are dedicated to investigating this and other facts. We understand that the precise person who fired the shots is not yet identified, although carabineros’ managing general stated at CNN and Chilevisión that he was identified, he said it Sunday night.» Therefore, one of the first steps we have requested is that the DIRECTOR General of Carabineros be quoted for these facts,» he added. He further stated that «I have the impression, with the experience having worked as a prosecutor, it will not be difficult to determine who was the material author of the shootings. I think that’s something that’s going to be and as the general director of Carabineros has advanced, it should be promptly at the attention of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.» It’s also going to be important to determine the trajectory of those bullet stakes in Gustavo’s body, because that’s also indiciary of the way it went off, whether it was a direct shot or if it could have been some kind of bounce,» Gajardo added. , the former persecutor stated that «Within the conversations we have had with people of the Medical College, who have been part of this complaint that we have filed, the explanations they give us is that they are not effectively rubber Balinese. They would effectively have metal parts, if not entirely, in part would be metal.»

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