translated from Spanish: Hector Morales apologized to Pancho Saavedra for “bad joke”

President Sebastián Piñera’s announcement noted that “we have decided to open up the possibility of reintegration with Carabineros and the POI to all people who have had a recent retirement” provoked a wave of jokes or “memes” in which to appear He said “Don Celino”, the longest man in the world, in Carabineros’ uniform after fulfilling his dream of dressing like them and patrolling. This annoyed the television host Pancho Saavedra, as he came out in defence and asked for respect for the memory of the deceased. Via Twitter he stated that “Don Celino died at 121 and it is not the case to use his image, because I know that his family is still suffering from his departure. He was a Mapuche Ombudsman and thanked carabinieri and firefighters to rescue him from burning. Use another uniform photo but I respect him.” Immediately some people apologized for mingle with the photograph and one of them was the Chilean actor Héctor Morales who claimed that “You are absolutely right Pancho. I did not know the lord and only re-shared the image as many others did. My apologies to your family and those who may be offended.” Thank you, Hector. I know you’re empathetic, put in another uniform, but not a dead man whose family suffers. Hugs friend, ” replied Saavedra. Finally, the actor closed saying that “the situation is perfectly understood. Bad joke. A hug too.” TWITTER 1194446202835800064

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