translated from Spanish: Chilean Navy condemns attack on Arturo Prat statue in Temuco

The anniversary of the death of the Mapuche comunero Camilo Catrillanca and the social outburst that runs through the country, led to an intense day of protests throughout the country, especially the Region of La Araucanía.
During the day, protesters have tried to tear down statues of historic characters in Chilean history. This was the case in The Dagoberto Godoy Square in Temuco, when a group of protesters used ties and wires to tear down the monument of Arturo Prat that was on the site.  After that, sculpture was burned at a traffic light and used as a barricade. Following this incident, the Chilean Navy issued a statement condemning the violent act.
«The unjustified attack affected a work donated to the municipality by the Autonomous University of Chile, in May 2015, with which the feat of the national hero, who is a symbol of pride not only for our Navy but for all Chileans» Held.
«The Institution regrets what has happened because the monument recalls a sailor who gave his life for the Fatherland and, in the face of this, urges the community to care for and respect the symbols that give life to our history, as well as the figure of Commander Arturo Prat Chacón , who is a model of union and love for our country,» the institution closed.
This is in addition to that which occurred in the Independence Square of Concepción, when protesters tore down the statue that embodied Pedro de Valdivia.
Check the Navy statement here. 

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