translated from Spanish: Free performances work “The Other” by company Boy Proletary at Teatro La Memoria

Work “The Other” by the Company Boy Proletario
At Teatro La Memoria, Bellavista 0503, Metro Salvador
Friday, November 15th and Saturday, November 16th 16:00 hours.
Free features with early withdrawal of tickets.
After nine months touring the country within the framework of the 2019 Itinerant Performing Arts program, the Teatro Niño Proletario company announces its last performances of the work The other, starring José Soza, Luz Jiménez and Daniel Antivilo, among others, for this weekend in Sala La Memoria, within the framework of the cycle “So you don’t lose your memory”.
First assembled in 2012 and inspired by the book The heart attack of Paz Errázuriz and Diamela Eltit, addresses the affective survival in our day, staging patients in love with a psychiatric hospital. Thus, these unproductive bodies for the system, manage to reveal themselves to the euphoric rhythm of the city, to the distortion of social relations and to the anxiety of our destinies.

The staging, intended as a site specific, has been set up in ex-factories, an abandoned prison and an old corn cellar, within the framework of important international festivals. This November, joining the stage of the demonstrations at the national level, its functions in Santiago will be in special hours at 16 hrs., with prior withdrawal of tickets from two hours before the show.
It should be noted that both functions are subject to change at the last minute. All information will be shared through the company’s social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

Artistic data sheet
Address: Luis Guenel Soto
Management Assistance: Francisco Medina Donoso
Dramaturgy: Proletarian Child Theatre
Cast: José Soza, Luz Jiménez, Angel Lattus, Daniel Antivilo, Carolina Cifras, Rodrigo Velasquez, Paola Lattus.
Spatial design and costumes: Catherine Devia
Lighting: Ricardo Romero
Musical composition: Jaime Muñoz
Photographic Registration: Peace Errázuriz
Video Record: Carola Sanchez

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