translated from Spanish: Sergio Báez proposes to guarantee the electoral and political rights of Michoacan migrants

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it was reported that The Deputy Sergio Báez Torres proposed before the Plenary of the Congress of the State, to amend articles 5.7 and 119 fraction III of the Local Political Constitution, with the aim of guaranteeing the rights migrant politicians.
Due to the tightening of migration policies in the northern neighbouring country, and with it the threat to the rights of migrants, he motivated the congressman representing the 21st District, to promote the participation of connationals in government actions in his municipalities themselves, with an inclusive vision, where state institutions respect their incorporation and have the necessary tools to do so, but above all, so that binational migrants and their families have legal certainty of the respect, respect and safeguarding of their human rights.

“The Michoacans who migrate to another country, are looking for better opportunities and living conditions for themselves and their families, in the absence of opportunities in our state, this certainly allows those families to receive the remittances sent by their relatives, which which generates social development within its communities, that is why the State must be involved in the just protection of its rights”

Therefore, Baez Torres stressed the need to facilitate the participation of binational migrants in electoral processes, through a reduction of the neighborhood period, this in accordance with article Eighth part I of the Organic Law Municipal of the State of Michoacán, so that there is no impediment to the participation of those who have intermittent residence and who at no time are their stay in the Territory of Michoacano undermined.

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