translated from Spanish: Superintendency of Education posts 292 complaints about sexual connotation behaviors in schools

This year, 292 complaints have been filed with the Superintendency of Education, for sexual connotation behavior in different educational facilities in Chile. The figure affects men and women, but the latter are the majority of the victims, affecting 180 female students.
As reported by The Clinic, 150 of the complaints relate to cases of rape, sexual abuse, stupor and corruption of minors. Most of these cases have occurred in subsidized private schools in Valparaiso and the Metropolitan Region.
Meanwhile, most of these 292 complaints are concentrated in 157 cases of children in basic education.
Although last year the feminist movement demanded that bullying and gender protocols be available in academic institutions and that the Superintendency launched in June 2018 a circular establishing the requirement to have protocols of action in the face of these situations, and activate them if necessary, the numbers are high.
These protocols required by the Superintendency of Education establish how and when to file cases with the police or the Public Prosecutor’s Office and are active in educational institutions that work with minors.
The same means mentioned above pointed out that crimes related to acts of physical connotation, such as abuse and rape, are mostly accompanied by subsequent harassment and harassment to ensure that impunity is maintained.
It should be noted that these numbers could increase in the remainder of the year. So far, 140 of the complaints correspond to sexual connotation behaviors that do not involve physical assaults, but of harassment and harassment. Of this figure, 87 are girls and adolescents and sometimes the aggressors are their classmates and teachers.

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