translated from Spanish: Claudio Bravo: “People are in every right to protest and march where necessary”

It doesn’t change colors. The Manchester City sky is replicated by Claudio Bravo these days in training at O’Higgins de Rancagua. Yesterday, after 9 a.m., the doorman arrived at Celeste Monastery in Requinoa generating the surprise of the celestial campus, because only manager Pablo Hoffman was in the knowledge of his visit.” A special visit! @C1audioBravo dressed the sky and trained this morning with our professional campus in the Celeste Monastery. Welcome to our house!” posted O’Higgins on Twitter, then put a one-minute, 15-second video with his work. Bravo trained with goalkeeping coach Robinson Puebla, plus goalkeepers Luis Ureta and Rodrigo Yáñez. Miguel Pinto wasn’t on court recovering from a muscle injury. But he did talk about Bravo’s visit to the club.” It’s nice to see you recovering after the serious injury you had. He’s a great friend and partner, you’re leaving your hours remembering anecdotes with him. Opening the doors to people as important as him is very important, especially for goalkeepers. I hope I take advantage of the tips I can deliver,” he said. Bravo subsequently spoke to the official media outlet of the club, and praised the facilities. “Here you breathe fresh air, there is nature. It has all the comforts and is ideal for our activity”. Regarding the situation of the country stated that “people are in every right to protest and march where necessary in pursuit of a better country”.How to improve what happens? Bravo believes that we should “stop demagoguery and act, people need that, that those who are in these important positions and take control of a country or a state, do the things that all Chileans want, have the solutions already, soon”.

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