translated from Spanish: José Antonio Kast’s party and plebiscite: «We will lead the campaign of No»

The Republican Party, led by former presidential candidate José Antonio Kast, noted in a statement that they will lead the «No» campaign, in the plebiscite announced for April 2020.In the document published by Kast Twitte himself in Kast [r], the movement stated that «as a Republican Party, we will courageously take on the historic challenge of leading the No campaign, in defense of a constitutional system that has allowed Chile to have peace and prosperity.» In addition, they accused Chile We are going to give up defending this model «out of fear or convenience, and we will work tirelessly to place social urgencies as a priority in public discussion, outside of the political debate they seek to impose from the right and left.» In the same vein, they rejected «the political response to social urgencies to be the creation of a constituent assembly, the financing of new professional politicians, and the repeal of our Constitution.» We are convinced that the problem is not the constitutional instrument but the functioning and direction of the institutions, which has led the country to increase bureaucracy, political capture and inefficiency in the management of the State,» the text adds. The Republican Party defended the current Constitution by arguing that «it is the instrument that has allowed Chile to become the most successful country in Latin America, freeing millions of Chileans from extreme poverty and building social, economic and strong policies that guarantee a serious, stable and guaranteeing country of the rights of its citizens.» Finally, they ruled that «a new constitution, drafted to the eaves of abuses of street violence, by the same politicians who have failed to defend Chileans in the last 20 years, will be nothing more than a false promise.»

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