translated from Spanish: Pipe overturns, diesel spills and catches fire, in Veracruz (Video)

Veracruz.- On the morning of this Friday, November 15, a pipe full of diesel overturned and subsequently detoned on the Veracruz-Cardel road, about kilometer 13.5.
In the video circulating on social media it is seen as the pipe immediately flipped the fuel began to spill down the road, however, motorists ignore the danger posed by the scene.
It was precisely the recklessness that caused the fuel to catch fire next to a car, because the motorist had no idea that inside the engine of each car there is a “flame” on, so the fuel when it caught the engine caused the fire.
The authorities recommend that during these circumstances you refrain from making decisions that may affect one or more people and stay as far away from the scene as possible.

Video circulating on social networks, showing how the overturn of the pipe with diesel occurred and the recklessness of many motorists, who were circulating on the Veracruz-Cardel highway, this Friday morning.
— Claudia Guerrero Martínez ® (@cguerreromtz) November 15, 2019

#AsíSeVivió Fuel-loaded pipe bursts after tipping in Veracruz ->
— The Horizon (@ElHorizontemx) November 15, 2019

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