translated from Spanish: Reform progresses to Law of Peace in Michoacán: Fermín Bernabé

Morelia, Michoacán.- The reform to the Law for a Culture of Peace and Prevention of Violence and Crime in Michoacán is about to be approved, anticipated Deputy Fermín Bernabé Bahena, who said saw conditions for the LXXIV Legislature of the local Congress in favour of an initiative aimed at compensating the social fabric of the entity, as reported in a statement.
On the basis of an Initiative with a draft decree by which a fraction is added to Article 8 and an article 12a is added, to the aforementioned law, the member emanating from Morena explained that they are intended to establish the basis for the promotion of the culture of peace and coordination in the social prevention of violence and crime, in order to achieve and preserve a solidarity, peaceful and respectful coexistence among the Michoacans.
“Restoring the social fabric in our entity requires not only the effort and joint work of the institutions of the State, it is essential that society participate in the planning and implementation of actions that seek to inhibit and prevent the commission of crimes,” the local legislator stressed for District 10.
He also said that the reform initiative would deploy comprehensive programmes that would promote the strengthening of human values in families and society as a strategy for promoting a culture of peace and prevention of violence and crime.
In turn, he remarked, education and awareness-raising strategies will be undertaken for families and pupils in basic schools located in polygons with higher rates of violence, who will receive training and materials to strengthen their knowledge in life-based socio-emotional skills.
“In many households, children and adolescents are influenced by negative elements such as addictions, programmes, movies and television series that are not age-appropriate or exposure to pornography and the violence that misused electronic media has Brought. On the other hand, there are parents devoid of tools and skills to guide them correctly. Communication is absent and there is no true family life,” he justified.
 In another order of ideas, he recalled that just a few days ago he presented another initiative to propose the creation of the Peace Commission in Michoacán, which was well received by different parliamentary groups with representation in the LXXIV Legislature of the Congress of the crime,” he said.

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