translated from Spanish: They call for extended deadlines to excuse the Military Service

The Chilean Commission on Human Rights (CCHDH), through its president, attorney Carlos Margotta, asked the Minister of Defense, Alberto Espina, to extend the deadline for young people born in 2001, who are not volunteers, to submit documentation to defer and/or exempt from the Military Service.The holder of the Defense portfolio, in charge of the National Directorate of National Mobilization (DGMN), has only extended the extended hours until 23:00 hours today, but without adding more days for this rainfall e.La CCHDH is strong in noting that urgent intervention in this area is needed, since they consider as a serious affectation of the rights of young Chileans, in the face of the denial they have received and the conditioning to be able to carry out the formalities concerning the fulfillment of the Military Service.The dates published by the DGMN indicate that the deadline for filing a complaint with the Special Accreditation Commission, as well as for the Nomination to their Alternative Modalities, expires on Wednesday, Wednesday, November, and in some cases, requires the disbursement of $6,060.- or $13,020.-, as the case may be. This is in addition to the operational limitations presented by the Recruiting Cantons and the DGMN, considering, moreover, that this is a procedure that can only be carried out in person. Considering further that some Offices of the DGMN suffered dismantled, which also impacted their attention span, plus the understaffing of canton officials to deal with the flow of hundreds of young people in recent days (3 to 4 officials per canton).” We understand that as of March, it is possible to carry out some of these procedures, however, we consider it necessary that the actions linked to the Military Service, apply the same criteria that the government has announced for the other public institutions,” the commission said.” In the context of the social crisis in the country, in which virtually all public services have relaxed and extended deadlines for the fulfilment of obligations, I see no reason not to take a similar action for such a sensitive matter,” Margotta said.” Calls from government authorities to require and confirm these flexibility measures have been reiterated,” he added. That is why, the CCHDH publicly reiterated the request to the Minister, of an urgent intervention to take administrative measures, at least in three directions, which are of your full power as responsible governing authority of National Defense:1.- Decree immediately the extension of the time limit, for all processing in a range of at least 30 days, to ensure that any young Chilean who so desires, can make their presentations without the anguish in which they are maintained today.2.- Take measures to eliminate all kinds of costs of these formalities, as has been done in the Civil Registry, as a government policy. We see no reason to justify that an action that is part of an obligation that the State imposes on young people, also has associated high value costs especially for the most precarious sectors.3.- Instruct and set a time limit, so that all processing in this matter, is incorporated into electronic government systems, which is also a policy of government, to prevent young Chileans from being able to exercise their obligations and rights more easily, and without displacement.

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