translated from Spanish: Rape and violent theft of carrier rise in Miguel Hidalgo

Sexual assaults increased 91% in mayor Miguel Hidalgo between January and September 2019 compared to the same period last year while theft of carriers with violence increased 200% in the same span of time, according to complaints recorded by the National Public Security System (SNSP) and analyzed by GLAC Consulting.

The total crime incidence in this demarcation, increased 6% between 2018 and 2019, this is in the third place with the most crimes in Mexico City after the mayors Cuauhtémoc and Benito Juárez during the period January-September 2019.
The mayor’s office Miguel Hidalgo has an area of 47 square kilometers and has 375 thousand 951 inhabitants according to projections of the National Population Council (CONAPO) for 2019. It is colinda to the north with Azcapotzalco, to the southeast with Benito Juárez, to the south with Alvaro Obregón and to the west with Cuajimalpa and the Mexiquenmunicipality municipalities of Huixquilucan and Naucalpan.
Mayor Miguel Hidalgo has the second highest Human Development Index (HDI) in the country after the Benito Juarez demarcation, also in Mexico City, according to 2018 data from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The HDI is an international measurement prepared by the United Nations that measures the achievements of a country, entity or municipality in terms of health, education and income.
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By the demarcation Miguel Hidalgo pass roads as Constituents, which communicates to the east and west of Mexico City. It also concentrates tourist attractions such as the Chapultepec Forest, the Paseo de la Reforma, museums, shops, restaurants, entertainment centers and international hotel chains.
In 2019 mayor Miguel Hidalgo placed third for the crime of sexual rape, where 1 is worse and 16 is better. Last year it ranked eighth, meaning that the increase in the number of reported cases resulted in the demarcation being among the 5 with the highest reported rapes.

In 2019 the mayors with the highest rape complaint rates were Cuauhtémoc, Alvaro Obregón, Miguel Hidalgo, Milpa Alta and Cuajimalpa while Magdalena Contreras had the fewest cases per 100 thousand inhabitants.  In 2018, Cuauhtémoc, Coyoacán, Iztapalapa, Venustiano Carranza and Gustavo A. Madero were the 5 with the most rape reports, while Cuajimalpa had the least.
In the mayor Altya Miguel Hidalgo, the Agency Number 46 specialized in Sexual Crimes located in the Private General Sóstenes Rocha s/n and Vicente Guía in Colonia Tacubaya, is responsible for channeling the complaints of this, type. Likewise The Institute of Women Frida Kahlo in Av. Parque Lira No. 128, Col. Expansion Daniel Garza.
In the field of sexual offences, Cuajimalpa increased its number of complaints by 123% between 2018 and 2019. Due to this increase, it went from being the mayor’s office with fewer complaints in 2018 to being in the fifth position for the count of this crime.
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In late September 2019, investigation police officers of the Attorney’s Office of Capital Justice issued an apprehension order against a man accused of attempted aggravated rape to the detriment of a minor, whom he threatened to cause harm to his family if he reported it. 
As for the robbery of carriers with violence, in 2019, mayor Miguel Hidalgo was ranked 10th in the count of this crime. The previous year was ranked 11th, meaning that the increase in this crime worsened its location within the ranking of the 16 demarcations of Mexico City.

In 2019 the 5 mayors with the most violent thefts to reported carriers were Venustiano Carranza, Azcapotzalco, Cuauhtémoc, Gustavo A. Madero and Iztapalapa while in 2018 they were Azcapotzalco, Iztacalco, Gustavo A. Madero, Iztapalapa and Venustiano Carranza.
During the two years indicated, Milpa Alta was the delegation with fewer violent robberies to carriers.
In the mayorAlty Miguel Hidalgo, in addition to Avenida Constituenttes, which begins at Circuito Bicentenario and reaches the Mexico-Toluca Highway, there is connection with the Peripheral Ring through boulevard Manuel Avila Camacho and Av. Río San Joaquín. A large number of freight transports are circulating through these roads.
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In mid-June, the driver of a trailer circulating on Avenida Constituenttes towards Santa Fe, Mayor Cuajimalpa, was arrested. Elements of the Ministry of Citizen Security made the mark high when they realized that the vehicle had a report of theft. However, the driver continued the march to the El Trébol area, where a patrol closed his way. 
As for the total criminal incidence of Mayor Miguel Hidalgo, it recorded a sustained increase between 2015 and 2018. The total crime figure per 100,000 inhabitants last year was the highest since 2011.
The crime of rape fell between 2011 and 2013. Between 2017 and 2018 it recorded an uptick. The total number of complaints per 100,000 inhabitants so far in 2019 is higher than last year.
Violent carrier theft decreased between 2015 and 2018. However, the number of complaints for this crime so far this year is higher than last year’s total.

The total number of crimes or total crime incidence increased 6% between 2018 and 2019, from 11 thousand 747 (equivalent to 3 thousand 43 per 100 thousand inhabitants) to 12 thousand 432 (equivalent to 3 thousand 665 per 100 thousand inhabitants).

The increase in total crime incidence in this demarcation was due to increased crimes such as kidnapping (83%), robbery of business with violence (73%) and houserobber room with violence (68%), while the intentional murder with a firearm increased 60% and the killing was 37%.
At the end of June, three people who tried to rob a house in Colonia Bosque de las Lomas were arrested after the homeowner noticed the situation and called 911. The assailants were made available to the Capital Prosecutor’s Office.
In August, the discovery of the body of a woman of Colombian origin was reported inside her home in Colonia Granada. According to early reports, the woman approximately 30 years old had different bruises and bruises on her body.
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In October, five people involved in kidnapping cases in Polanco were arrested in the bar area of this area. Elements of the Ministry of Citizen Security and the Attorney General’s Office arrested two women and three men posing as taxi drivers in the area.
In the middle of the same month, a video was released showing two people coldering and subduing one of the employees in a restaurant in Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec. After stripping diners of their belongings, the assailants fled in a car.
One of the priorities for improving the safety with the welfare of the inhabitants of the Miguel Hidalgo demarcation is the attention that the authorities must give to sexual crimes, which are usually associated with kidnapping and theft at home room with violence. The latter increased substantially between 2018 and 2019. Efforts should also be directed to the attention of intentional homicide and intentional murder with a firearm, which also increased during both years.

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