translated from Spanish: A scuffle leaves a wounded man with a machete in Los Mochis

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- An individual was assaulted with a machete during a scuffle that happened on Thursday afternoon in the Tabachines 1 colony. The injured man was identified as King David Quintero, 33. While the likely culprit is José Luis V, who was arrested by a transit officer who was passing through the scene of the fight and who intervened so that there would be no tragedy. 

Data collected indicate that at 15:00 hours, King David was at his home located in Prolongación Rubí between Doroteo Arango and Jaime Domínguez, in La Tabachines Uno, when José Luis ‘V’ arrived and supposedly tried to enter the house, but King David, prevented; then he attacked him with the machete managing to cause a wound to his face, but he didn’t even let him into the house. At that time a transit agent was travelling on a motorbike and was alerted by the neighbors.


The roadpoliceman went to the scene and when he saw José Luis ‘V’ with the machete he told him to release him repeatedly, but when he did not listen, he took out his firearm and shouted him to release the machete.


The subject listened, dropped the machete and tried to escape on a motorcycle, but was intercepted and stopped by traffic. Later the municipal agents arrived and took him to the Municipal Railing.

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