translated from Spanish: Armed Forces: «There is no policy to direct widespread or systematic attacks on civilians»

The three branches of the Armed Forces declared through a statement their rejection of Amnesty International’s report that accused Carabineros and the Army of carrying out «widespread attacks, using force unnecessarily and excessively with the intention of harming and punishing the population that manifests itself.» That document states «to categorically reject the statements in the report that there would have been ‘a policy of widespread attacks against protesters’, as it did not exist, nor is there any FFAA policy to direct attacks system against civilians. Therefore, Amnisti’s extensive complaint does not contain any direct or indirect evidence, of an order, an agreement, or even an insinuation of the FFAAs in this regard». In addition, they ensured that their action in the state of emergency was to protect the population from the crimes that occurred at the beginning of the social outburst.» Nor is it true that during the period that the State of Constitutional Excepcio, the FFAA had acted with the intempt to injure those who demonstrated to discourage social protest. On the contrary, his inteplay was to protect the people, the rights of our compatriots and the critiqueic infrastructure of our pai’s, in the face of the serious crimes with high degrees of violence that were being committed,» the statement states.» We must state that in any case the FFAA’s command has ordered or tolerated the commission of crimes, nor have they obstructed or prevented the actions of human rights bodies, nor the Courts of Justice, «he added. Finally, the statement concluded that «it is the duty of the FFAAs to emphasize that their policy of action and those of their commanding during the constitutional state of excepcio , following the principles of necessity, proportionality and graduality corresponding to the maintenance of the public order and the regulations establishing the exercise of the right to the legi’tia self-defence and third parties, particularly of the population attacked in their people and property.»

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