translated from Spanish: Bachelet and situation in Chile: «My previous judgment is that protocols are not being followed»

In an interview with students in England, where she also received a letter from the Chilean community, expressing her concern about the situation in the country, the former president and high commissioner of the UN for DDs. HH., Michelle Bachelet, referred to the demonstrations that have spread for more than a month in Chile.
At the time of receiving the letter, towards the end of the conversation, the former president said that «I am very concerned too, but I have to be neutral, objective and impartial as a high commissioner. I have my feelings, I have to handle it in a certain way, but I’m very worried.»
In the interview, Bachelet recalled that the office he runs sent a mission whose work ended on Friday, and stated that «they will make a report, so I prefer not to issue any final conclusions until they see the report.»
«They interviewed victims, but also police and military forces (…) they’re making a pretty broad diagnosis,» Bachelet said.
«However, but it is a previous trial, as I have not received the report, but I have spoken to the President of the Republic twice. I do believe that Chile has adequate protocols, in terms of international standards of how force is used,» she added.
In that line, Bachelet said that security forces should not use ammunition at risk unless they are at risk and that «then you have different possibilities, tear gas, water, rubber balines and rubber balines. Ideally not to use them, that’s what I say about international protocols and I guess also the protocols of the national police»
«If they are needed they have to be used from the waist down, never upwards,» he added.
«When you hear that there are so many people. I don’t know how many, who’ve lost their vision. I know that 200 people have been injured in the eyes, due to the tear bomb blow or by rubber balines. So my previous judgment is that protocols are not being followed,» Bachelet said.
«I would really prefer to receive the full report to make conclusions, because first it is not my duty to define responsibilities, because Chile is a country where the rule of law governs and many of these cases are in the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the judicial system will define. There are already some military personnel in the offices of the Prosecutor’s Office, there have been investigations because some of them are responsible,» he said
On her work, the former president said that «we are not a court. DD’s office. Hh. what we do is we collect information, we make a report of what happened and then we make recommendations. There is a rule of law in Chile and the President said that there would be no impunity and that he will hold the authors accountable.»
The United Nations high commissioner for DDs. HH., added that «we will release the report with the results, but also with recommendations, on what to do and of course the responsibilities, which is an issue that we have always believed is essential.»
«If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to follow up to ensure that recommendations are followed and there are a lot of mechanisms if that doesn’t happen. People can go to the Inter-American Court in DD. Hh. (IACHR), they can also make accusations to different mechanisms, because if they are children they can go to the Committee on the Rights of Children, if they are women they can go to the Committee on women’s Rights (…) it is not only our report, it is the complete system,» she added.

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