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Zamora, Michoacán.- On Thursday morning, an elderly woman died after being hit by an unknown vehicle whose driver after the misce went on the run. The victim was left lifeless over the Northern Pound of the city of Zamora.
This was confirmed by police sources, Mass who indicated that the report on what happened came just minutes before 07:00 to the number of emergencies, where it was reported that in that road at the height of the colony First of May there was a woman lying over the vehicular stream.
The site was mobilized by rescue and salvage paramedics who reviewed the aggrieved woman and confirmed that she lacked vital signs, so officers of the Municipal Police and federal Police Regional Security Division cordoned off the area, and flagged to avoid another accident.
Later, the members of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Justice were responsible for carrying out the respective experts. It transpired that the deceased was identified as Alice «X», approximately 75 years old, a person who was domiciled a few meters from where the misfortune occurred.
From the facts the respective research folder was initiated, in order to find the person responsible for the site.

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