translated from Spanish: Supreme Social Convergence Court temporarily suspends Gabriel Boric’s militancy

The supreme court of the Social Convergence (CS) party accepted the background involving Deputy Gabriel Boric with the signing by the Peace And New Constitution Agreement, and suspended his militancy.
«The precautionary measure of suspension of militancy is reflected in the temporary disqualification of political rights in the spaces of collective deliberation of the party by colleague Gabriel Boric Font,» the statement reads.
«It should be noted, as has been done by this court in each of the cases that this measure has been applied, that it does not constitute a presumption of responsibility and/or culpability in the facts in the facts that are being known to the Supreme Court, taking precedence in the process the principle of innocence, for the duration of the investigation,» they add.
It is worth remembering that last Friday, the deputy Boric signed the agreement for a new Constitution, a situation that generated a break within the militancy, and causing the mayor of Valparaiso, Jorge Sharp, along with 72 other militants, to resign. Moreover, this prompted a group of adherents to take him to the Supreme Court for his decision to join the agreement.
Finally, the communiqué contends that «the time limits for resolving this proceeding are expressly regulated in our conduct regulation, which together provide that such a process should be resolved at first instance within 30 days, provided that the parties do not request an extension or the supreme court itself deems its extension necessary for the purposes of the proper conduct of the proceedings».

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