translated from Spanish: ANFP again announced the suspension of Chilean football

After a convulsed day and long hours of meetings, the National Football Association (ANFP) officially reported that it was decided to suspend the dates of the First A and First B.La ANFP by a statement that after «a communication tonight with the Ministry of the Interior, we were informed that there is no availability of police contingents necessary to ensure the protection of order and public safety in the vicinity of the stadiums where the matches will be played our championships.» For this reason the remainder of the twelfth date of the second wheel of the First Division, the twenty-ninth of the First B and the matches of the eighth day of the Second Division Leagues are suspended,» adds the document. Finally, from the governing body of the national football they assured that «we cannot accept that violence dominates football. As we have reiterated, our sport does not rival social demands or the moment the country lives. It should be remembered that this Friday the match between Unión La Calera and Deportes Iquique in La Florida should have been suspended, after a group of White Claw fans circumvented security and entered the venue. During this day only the compromise between Cobresal and Unión Española in El Salvador could be played, where the «miners» prevailed 3-2.

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