translated from Spanish: At root, rockets will be seized from retail suppliers

Guasave, Sinaloa.- From the root and starting with the people who provide rockets to street vendors is how they will act to decrease the sale of pyrotechnics, declared the director of the Municipal Institute of Civil Protection.Francisco Soto Sánchez, director of the Municipal dependence, indicated that they will make a joint operation with Public Security and with Public Way so that when the Guadalupe Reyes operation starts, they can also start with this preventive activity. The official said they have identified that the biggest problem lies in the people they distribute to retailers, so they will seek to act in this way. Ingrained problem
Soto Sánchez explained that it is of little use to remove the goods from those who sell in small shops, because the central problem continues, he delved in that there are already indications of some established points where they are engaged in the marketing of these products, and in them they are Concentrate. 

However, he emphasized that behind all this situation prevails the fact that parents do not end up sizing the consequences for their children of being exposed to these hazardous materials. They’re all at risk
The official added that there are no fireworks that are not harmful to minors, as even flare lights have caused in previous years unfortunate accidents, such as fires. «Note that not even the flare lights, which say they are not dangerous, are saved, because last year we had three fire accidents that were caused by flare lights, then I think parents should be well aware and should not buy from the children this or allow them to buy them, they are all dangerous from the moment they involve contact with fire and gunpowder, you don’t have to take any chances.» 

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