translated from Spanish: Child Advocate asked the Interior Minister for the resignation of general who compared the use of dancers with cancer treatment

In statements that he assigned, the child advocate, Patricia Muñoz, asked the Minister of the Interior, Gonzalo Blumel, to resign the resignation of the General of the Metropolitan East, Enrique Bassaletti, after the uniformed compared the use of the anti-riot shotguns, with cancer treatments.Read also: General de Carabineros compared the use of Balinese with cancer treatments: «Good cells and bad cells are killed,» Muñoz said that «I have asked the Minister of the Interior, that because he has control of the civil power of Carabineros de Chile, ask the Minister of The Interior general director the resignation of General Bassaletti, because it seems to me that we are not in a country that will tolere and allow any person to engage in violence of any kind, except those who have roles of authority or positions and, in this case, we understand that the exposure he made the general is of institutional spokesman, representing the high command led by General Rozas»The advocate of children added that with his statements, the general «not only produces an attack on those who suffer from this very serious illness and all that it involves, but also it is allowed to say that, as in this disease (cancer), the riot shotgun assimilates it to chemotherapy, which therefore kill good or bad cells»

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