translated from Spanish: Government targeted drug trafficking and fire bars as responsible for acts of violence


Spokeswoman’s minister, Karla Rubilar, said that funding for vandalism in the country during the protests would come from drug trafficking. «We see it in looting with high-end cars, and there we’re going to have to delve into intelligence and criminal prosecution,» the Coin spokesman said.

Government spokeswoman Minister Karla Rubilar noted that drug trafficking and fire bars could be behind the acts of violence that have been parallel to social demonstrations in recent days. In an interview with El Diario de Cooperativa, the spokeswoman reiterated that all efforts are being made in the Government to maintain public order, respecting human rights, but that in some cases «it is not achieved because we are seeing a level of violence unusual, quite orchestrated, well-organized.»» We believe that there is important information on drug trafficking in some places that is acting in broad daylight… we believe that there is funding for violence there,» Rubilar emphasized by referring to the sectors that would be promoting these actions. The secretary of state added that there would also be «very tough sectors, criminals, eye we are not talking about football fans, but about fire bars associated with drug trafficking and crime that are also taking advantage of this circumstance.» We see it in looting with high-end cars, and that’s where we’re going to have to delve into intelligence and criminal prosecution,» he said. He also recalled that there is currently «criminal persecution that had been done by the State Security Act, with name and rude, as opposed to the dispute against those who were responsible.» They are identified,» he said. Finally, he acknowledged that «we still need to be able to take this level of pure and harsh crime off the streets, which unfortunately has nothing to do with the peaceful demonstration we have seen in the previous weeks.»

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