translated from Spanish: Maki Soler forgets Juan Soler in the arms of a powerful man

Maki Soler apparently already found love in a good man and said goodbye to his daughters’ father the actor Juan Soler with whom he ended their relationship a few months ago due to irreconcilable problems that had been dragging on for a long time, but they still have a relationship with Cordiality. According to the magazine Hola the beautiful woman who has always kept away from scandals began to date the CEO of a company dedicated to the distribution of organic products which has a lot of recognition internationally.

As if that weren’t enough, Maki and Juan are getting closer to signing the divorce to annul the marriage they formed years ago because they formed one of the strongest couples in the show so their separation surprised everyone as no one expected it.
And it was said that the main cause for which they decided to separate was because of the constant projects that Juan had as an entrepreneur, and it was rumored that the histrion kept a secret affair that spawned the end of their marriage.
Meanwhile Maki’s fans congratulated her on her new relationship which will give a lot to talk about as she was the first one who took the next step on the end of her relationship with the Argentine who has seldom made statements about her private life , because he prefers to talk about his career and positive things.» Maky honestly you are the best», «My happiness always has a first and last name… Maky Soler. I love you Goddess,» were some of the messages the blonde received.

Also a few days ago the famous shared a mysterious post to mention that happiness has a name so it could be her new gallant.

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