translated from Spanish: Social programs of AMLO, the big winners; punish autonomous bodies

In an alternate headquarters and after eight hours of discussion, MPs approved the Federation’s Egres Budget for 2020 which considers an expense of six billion pesos 107 billion 732.4 million pesos.
The big winners were social programs, losers, autonomous bodies.
In total, the autonomous bodies are given a reduction of 4,182 million 922,927 pesos, compared to what they requested, a 3.39% less. The Telecommunications Institute, the Attorney General’s Office and the INE would be the most ‘punished’.
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Welfare and Agriculture, in addition to the Treasury, would be the most benefited by reallocations.
In total, the Administrative Industry is given 1.43% more.
The Welfare Secretariat is given an opinion of 8,365 million 370,668 pesos more (4.83%), compared to government forecast.
The opposition sought to change this but the more than 100 reservations submitted by PRI, PRD and Movimiento Ciudadano were rejected. The PAN also submitted reservations but were dismissed from the discussion as the bench decided not to attend the discussion in protest.
During the discussion, the PRI submitted 108 reservations; Citizen Movement 45; PRD 100; Green Party 15; 220 of the PAN, 32 more were from the PES and PT.
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked members for their work to secure resources for social programs.
The representative stressed that support for the less or the less-favoured will arrive on time, and priority will be given to older adults, boys and girls, among others; said there will also be a departure for St. Lucia Airport, the Maya Train and other priority projects.
«Thanking Members for the adoption of the 2020 budget and ensuring that there is a development budget, sufficient budget, for the well-being of the people,» the holder of the Federal Executive said.
Here are the most resourceful ‘winners’ for next year:
-Governorate: 87 million 400 thousand pesos.
31) Extensions to the sector 06 Hacienda and Public Credit: 2 billion pesos.
-Agriculture and Rural Development: one thousand 453 million pesos.
-Public Education: one thousand 570 million 100 thousand pesos.
-Health: 237 million 100 thousand pesos.
-Work and Social Welfare: 104 million 376 thousand 576 pesos.
-Welfare: 8 thousand 365 million 370 thousand 668 pesos.
-Security and Citizen Protection: one billion pesos.
-Culture: 150 million pesos.
Those who ‘lost’ resources by 2020:
-National Electoral Institute 1,071 million 562,960 pesos less
–Public Prosecutor general of the Republic, 1.5 billion pesos less
-Council of the Federal Judiciary, 1,037 million 561,503 pesos less 
-National Commission on Human Rights, 37 million fewer 
-Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation 200 million 591,752 less.
-Electoral Court of the Judiciary of the Federation, 89 million 196,980 less.
-Federal Telecommunications Institute, 188 million 755,976 pesos less (-10.91%)
-National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data, 50 million less, compared to what it had requested.
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